SO DEARS, AND THERE IT IS! There is our first brewing ongoing and it will be our IglÅwyan.


Represents the beer of PALE LAGER type (BJCP – 3B) with 11° Plato
(ABV = 5,0 %) brewed by our standard three stage infusion procedure and by using the hops Herkules and Citra. This beer excels with a beautiful gold-yellow color (EBC = 11) and a fresh citrus taste supported by adequate bitterness (IBU = 34).


Represents the classic beer type English IPA (BJCP – 12C) coming from British Islands. High Plato of 14° (ABV = 6,0 %) is supported by a beautiful amber color (EBC = 20) and a strong citrus scent and flavor (IBU = 31).

Label refers to the most popular scientist coming from the Islands, who is no one else than Sir Isaac Newton. The fans of science surely recognize the gravitational effects of the two bodies formula.

Quote: I can calculate the motion of the heavenly bodies but not the madness of man.


Represents the new wave of American beer style APA (BJCP – 18B), which is known by its expressive aroma and taste. Relatively higher Plato 13° (ABV = 5,5 %) is supplemented by a shiny yellow-gold color (EBC = 10) and a strong bitter citrus taste (IBU = 42) and aroma.

The personality on label is maybe not known to everybody but the fans of science recognize it as the very popular American scientist Richard Feynman with his most known formula describing the collision of elementary particles.

Quote: Science is what we have learned about how to keep from fooling ourselves.


Is the classic representant of German wheat beers (BJCP – 10A) and represents a light beer with Plato 10° (ABV = 4,3 %), which is characteristic by its pale color (EBC = 6) and low bitterness (IBU = 11) supported with expressive banana taste and aroma.

It is not necessary to introduce the personality on the label to anybody, whether you are or you are not the fan of science. It is one of the Greatest scientists of all times, Mr. Albert Einstein. Even he does not come from Germany directly but during his career he worked in this Country and he surely tasted the classic German wheat beer. And maybe this beer helped him by creating the General theory of relativity, which is represented on the label by the light cone.

Quote: More the Knowledge, lesser the Ego. Lesser the Knowledge, more the Ego.


Brandy + Porter (BRENDER) represents a special dark beer English Porter style (BJCP – 13C) empowered with quality Brandy. This mix of great chocolate beer (EBC = 58) and brandy increases the alcohol volume up to 10 % ABV and highlights the taste of added cocoa beans. This delicious drink comes from our Porter style beer named BACK TO BLACK.


classic English Porter style beer (BJCP = 13C, 13° Plato, ABV = 5,5 %) is interesting mainly by its delicious chocolate taste which comes from the added cocoa beans. Chocolate malt adds the wonderful dark brown color (EBC = 58) and supports the taste of chocolate in beer.